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Vision care

Ensuring you have clear, comfortable vision is one of the main tasks of a modern optometrist. Whether you choose to correct your vision with spectacles, contact lenses, or orthokeratology, we aim to make your vision correction a perfect fit for your lifestyle.

There has been big advances in both spectacle and contact lens technology in recent years. You may have options open to you that weren't available in the past. Our optometrists can discuss the choices available to you at your next appointment.

Health care

Taking care of the health of your eyes is vital to maintaining good vision for a lifetime. Many eye conditions do not have obvious symptoms in the early stages. As such, we have invested in training and equipment to ensure we are able to diagnose these conditions as early as possible and begin to manage them.

A comprehensive eye examination should include a thorough investigation of both the front and back of the eye, and a review on the pressure of the internal fluid. These are checked routinely as part of as full eye test.

It's so very important to find diseases such as macula degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and glaucoma before they can cause permanent damage to your vision.

If you have concerns about anything to do with the health of your eyes, please contact our practices and come in for a review.

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